Role Of Foot Plates Reposition

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Role Of Foot

Role Of Foot

Role Of Foot Plates Reposition On Nasal Tip and Base Anatomy And Aesthetis


Otolargologists – Head And Neck Surgens

1. Tip Surgery: Most Discussed Least UnderStood
2. Base Surgery: Most Complex Least Understood
3. Fundations Of Tip And Base Surgery Are: Analysia
Aesthetics And Anatomy
4. Three Step Analysis: Preoperation After Opening Per
Step Of Surgery
5. We Only Discusse Effect Of Foot Plate Reposition
On Nasal Tip And Base Anatomy And Aesthetics

1. Our Primary Gole Was Only An Inline Nostril Producing
2. Normal Nostril Must Be Inline In: Lateral – Frontal –
Oblique Views
3. There Must Not Be Any Disossiation
4. In Normal Aesthetic Nasal Sill
a. Alar Base Rotate Medialy And Narrows
b. Foot Plates Rotate 45 Degree Lateraly
c. These Reach Together Without Any Void Area
d. Caudal Border Of Foot Plats Must Be Palpated and
Visible Under Skin

1. The Most Common Cause Of Uninline Nostril
a. Foot Plates
b. Hanging Ala:
1. Real – 2.Apparent (Retracted Columella)
c. Alar Base
d. Caudal Septum
e. ANS – Premaxillae
f. Retracted Columella



The Most Common Abnormality Is Cephalic Border Dislocation. Projection in Any direction In To The Nose Foot Plate Retraction Into The Nose So There Is No Cartilage Caudal Foot Plate Border Under Skin Of Medial Nostril Floor
Alar Base Must Have a Rolled Continues , Border, Normaly If End Abraptly Don’t Join to Foot Plate End Medialy An Uninline Nostril Will Ensue. Mostly Surgical Alar Base Resection – Rarely. Natural

Nasal Tip And Base Fixed Columns And Foundations:
a. Alar Base  Second Foundation
b. Premaxilla
c. A.N.S
d. Caudal Septum  Fixed Main Column
Nasal Tip And Base Mobile Columns Are
a. Foot Plates
b. Medial and Middle Cruses And Lateral Crus
Mobile And Fixed Columns Are Atteched Together By, Ligaments –Membranous Septum And Soft Tissues

Dr. A. Geisari – Dr. F. Dadvar

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  1. Dear Dr.,

    I coincidentally came cross your website and truly admire your work. I have gotten my nose done once, but the thing is i am not happy with the result. I would love to get my nose revised by you. I’m half white and half Asian, i have an Asian nose. I wonder if you ever do a rib cartilage graft? Because i thought it was the permanent way to keep my nose from going on for revision later on.

    Thank you so much and i’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • My dear is important that your nose is asian or white??in asian noses the base of nasal bones is very wide so must be augmented by auricular or rib cartilage or bone .please send me your photo by telegram or my face book.we done all grafts every week

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