Tumor surgery

Head and neck tumor surgery

Head and neck tumor surgery: Should any part of the body by surgery surgeon andspecialist in the same part of the same disease as is done with the part of the body is familiar and more important that any potential effects caused by surgeryshould be able to reform the Each surgery unfortunately, insome The experts are disease surgery a few strings areinvolved.

But in fact the most knowledgeable specialist the samepart is, for example, thyroid tumor surgery (goiter) bygeneral surgeons and ear and throat and nose donebut if the surgeon also operated the tumor malignancy(cancer) found in the action must be geared to expandcancer Removing Of root Or if the cancer to the trachea or larynxunder the laryngeal nerves has set, or be damagedpurely Ear , nose and throat surgeon familiar with these issues The operation will be performed, but the power of othersurgeons in other disciplines have never been on the trachea or larynx and laryngeal nerves could not beexpected to work